Labor Law

Blake & Uhlig is proud of its reputation as one of the nation’s leading labor law firms. We are a firm committed to the labor movement, composed of lawyers who have devoted their careers to advancing and protecting labor rights.

Representing unions has always been at the core of our practice.

Our clients include international and local unions in a wide range of industries. We represent labor organizations governed by the National Labor Relations Act and public-sector labor laws.

We provide our union clients with a broad range of services, including advising on internal governance and collective bargaining issues, as well as advocacy in federal and state court, arbitration, and before the National Labor Relations Board and other government agencies. We have extensive experience with respect to the full panoply of U.S. labor laws including the NLRA, FAA, FLSA, OSHA, WARN, LMRDA, UAA, ADA, ADEA and Title VII.

The attorneys at Blake & Uhlig have a wealth of experience assisting union clients with internal governance issues. In our union governance practice, we advise a wide range of international labor organizations, intermediate bodies and union locals on how to establish governance structures and policies that meet their needs and satisfy the myriad legal requirements applicable to unions.

We provide counseling on the drafting and adoption of union constitutions and bylaws, the election of union officers, and the conduct of membership meetings and conventions. We work closely with union officers, governing bodies, committees and staff regarding all manner of issues related to union administration, finances and internal policies. We help our union clients comply with reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Department of Labor CAP Audits, fiduciary standards and other laws applicable to union representatives. The firm also assists unions with mergers, affiliations and other cooperative arrangements among labor organizations. Our attorneys also have extensive experience regarding trusteeships and, when it arises, litigation between parent unions and subordinate bodies.

We participate with and advise our union clients in collective bargaining negotiations and mediation. In addition we provide strategic advice and guidance on organizing, strikes, picketing and comprehensive corporate campaigns. Blake & Uhlig also has extensive experience defending unions, including against claims of violation of the duty of fair representation.